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Tired Of The Same Old Cutting Boards? So Am I! Over the past few years I have made cutting, serving and cheese boards as an offshoot of my furniture business. Most boards were made from leftover wood furniture projects.

I've recently added twig furniture to my line of products. Please check the link and you'll see some of the tables taken to a recent show in Summersville, WV. These tables combine rustic with simplicity and are each unique in their own characteristics.

Since moving to West Virginia I have discovered a "bonanza" of salvaged wood from logging operations. When trees are cut for saw mills, the stump end is not used. A friend of mine obtains these logs which would either be burned or left to rot. He cuts and dries these stumps into slabs that are used to make tables.and stores them in an old church.. I now purchase slabs that can be made into truly outstanding boards for use in both the kitchen and dining room.

The difference in my products? The main difference is that I use a number of different species of wood. Very few of my boards are the same. All are made individually (no production runs) Some boards are made from a single piece of wood; some are made of different woods with an attractive layout.. Sizes and shapes generally are dictated by the wood available. I have a dozen or so designs that vary depending on the shape of the wood.. Some designs are taken strictly from the grain and appearance of the wood used.

Recently I've been making boards, 1 1/2" thick, with natural edges that can be used as cutting boards, serving boards or an island on a table to hold a variety of table items. These pieces are all different and no one will ever say "I've got one just like that."

Some of the species available are: Ash - Butternut - Walnut - Pecan - Kentucky Coffee Tree - Maple - Sassafras - Oak - Birch - Aromatic Cedar - Hickory - Cherry - Apple - Chestnut - Birch. These woods all have varying figure and grain patterns. When you purchase a product from me, it will be a one of a kind item, not mass produced. It will be unique.

All boards are finished with food safe walnut oil and a mixture of beeswax/walnut oil as the final coat. They will last for many years. These make thoughtful, useful gifts for yourself or a friend. You can "go green" with minimal expense.

In addition to cutting, serving and cheese boards, I am offering other one of a kind items such as dining table islands, wine collars and wine racks.

Home - Cutting Boards - Hall of Fame Cutting Boards - Wine Collars - Table Islands

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